Download LG Aristo ms210 stock firmware ms21010g_03_0114.kdz

As requested by many LG Aristo ms210 owners, here we share with you the v10g stock firmware for the LG MS210 -ms21010g_03_0114.kdz

In January 2018, LG released the v10g software update for the LG Aristo ms210, It is a Security Update with BUG fixes.

Download LG Aristo ms210 stock firmware ms21010g:

From Google Drive:ms21010g_03_0114.kdz

LG Server: N/A, The v10g firmware was removed from LG server, when LG released the V10h firmware.

You can unbrick/restore your LG MS210 back to stock by flashing the ms21010g_03_0114.kdz with LG UP tool.

You may need to identify the Qfuse (Anti-rollback) version of your phone before flashing this ms21010g_03_0114.kdz

For example, Your phone’s current Qfuse version is 1, But the v10g firmware comes with Qfuse version 0, then you will not be able to downgrade the software of your LG MS210.

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