Download and Install the USB Drivers [Ver.3.11] For LG G3 on windows and MAC

Here are the latest LG G3 USB drivers for computers running Windows or Mac OS.

In order to connect your LG G3 to a computer, you’ll need to download and install the proper USB drivers for your LG G3 model in your computer.

[Important] Verizon LG G3 owners please visit this page to download the drivers for Verizon Models.


Please select your computer OS to download the LG G3 USB Drivers from below links:

[LATEST]Download LG USB Drivers Ver.4.4.2

LGUnitedMobileDriver_Ver. 4.4.2

Download LG G3 Drivers for Windows [Ver.3.11]

File format:Exe

** “This drivers works great on Windows 7 64 bit”

Download LG G3 Drivers for MAC [Ver.4.7]

File format: ZIP

Please notes that the latest LG USB driver Ver 3.11 works for all LG G3 models, including LS990, US990, AS985 D850, D851, D855 and F400L/K/S.

If you need the LG PC Suite for your LG G3, please visit this page. The csmg b2c client tool and LG OSP software for LG G3 are available for download from this link.

If you need other LG tools and software, please contact us

27 thoughts on “Download and Install the USB Drivers [Ver.3.11] For LG G3 on windows and MAC”

  1. i can’t even get the drivers to install properly using windows 7 it worked fine for my samsung galaxy s5 tho i miss my g3 (rooted and bricked) because I gave it to an idiot to use and he messed up the greatest phone ever please someone help me restore it back to atleast stock. I’m stuck in a vicious bootloop just keeps goting back to twrp recovery

  2. I use lg pc suite and start or re start with the phone plugged in the usb and then connect to lg pc suite it works for me on my imac os x

  3. still not working for me. my old HTC phone would work fine in media mode but not the g3.
    when i put it in ptp mode it asks me if i want to import photos so it’s recognizing it on some levle – but it won’t mount it as a drive.

    did you ever figure it out?

  4. This is going to sound odd, but I was getting the same error message at first:

    Unable to mount LGE Android Phone
    Error initialising camera: -53: Could not claim the USB device

    It would still mount both the internal and external storage devices though, and both still appeared in Nautilus.

    I soon discovered that the above error would only occur if I used a USB hub. When I plugged the G3 directly into a USB port on my laptop (or desktop), then everything works perfectly, no error messages.

  5. i keep getting a warning message saying the following disk images couldnt be opened 14.04 – desktop no mountable file system

  6. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04. Without installing any additional software packages, I just plugged my LG G3 into the USB port, and the file explorer automatically opened with “LGE Android Phone”. Listed there is “Internal Storage” and “SD Card”. I am able to copy files to and from the phone’s internal storage and external SD card without any problems.

  7. That don’t work i was using that for my LG G2 since last year works great but it doesn’t work for G3 at all. The funny thing i was using LG pc suite and it was working good i was able to transfer files, then i received a system update this week after that it wouldn’t work.

  8. The USB Driver for Mac is not design for MTP feature, Please use Android File Transfer to transfer files between your LG G3 and Mac..

  9. if you google quora Why does the LG G3 have a recurring MTP message? you will find another forum with people going through the same issues.

  10. Im using os x 10.9.4 when i download the file it reads Lg United mobile mac driver.pkg it takes me through the installation makes me re start the computer, and when you click on it it just takes me through the whole process over an over . And it means Man what the Fu*k !

  11. Robert, It works on my old MacPro. what is the Software version of your MAC
    By the way, What is the meaning of “mann wtf”, Sorry, I can not understand.

  12. Doesn’t work on my iMac. The computer doesn’t react at all when connecting the LG G3.

  13. I had a tough time getting my Windows 7 64 bit to recognized my G3 until I downloaded this driver

  14. I had a tough time getting my Windows 7 64 bit to recognized my G3 until I downloaded this latest driver Ver. 3.11

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