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Cricket LG Stylo 2 K540 Firmware K54012d

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The latest software for the LG Stylo 2 LGK540 for Cricket is software version K54014b which was released in January 2019.

As Cricket Wireless offers the software update for LG Stylo 2 LGK540 via FOTA only, We can not use LG Bridge to restore the LG K540, and the stock kdz firmware for LG K540 is not available for public download.

Do not worry! Thanks to an LG Stylo 2 LGK540 user at XDA forum, we have got the unmodified stock firmware package for the LG Stylo 2 K540. This package IS NOT a TOT or kdz package. Rather, this package contains untouched partition images (.img) dumped from a working LG Stylo 2 LGK540.

Download Cricket LG Stylo 2 K540 Firmware v12d

Anti-rollback Version: ARB01
Software Version: K54012d
Factory Version: LGK540AT-00-V12d-CRK-US-OCT-14-2016-ARB01+0

Security Patch Level: 2016-10-01

Download: LGK540AT-00-V12d

Please note that the above firmware package was dumped from a working LG Stylo 2 LGK540 with software version K54012d(Qfuse/Anti-rollback Version:01)

It should be used on LG K540 with software version V12d only! Do not try to flash it if the Antiroll-back version of your phone’s current software is higher than 01.

The dumped firmware package can be installed using the LGUP for Developer or Patched LGUP  by selecting the “Partition DL” option and then flashing each individual partition.

How to unbrick/Restore LG K540 with software version V12d

  • Install LG USB drivers
  • Install LGUP DLL for LG K540
  • Install LGUP Developer or Patched LGUP Store 1.14
  • Unzip
  • Rename system_COM8 into
  • Run LGUP Dev or Patched LGUP,  selecting “Partition DL” option and then select the system.img
  • Click start to flash system partition onto LG K540.

Below is the Build.prop of LG K540 Firmware v12d for your reference

# begin build properties
# autogenerated by test-keys Oct 14 17:42:59 KST 2016