CRICKET LG Risio 3 LMX210CMR Firmware Update X210CMR10f

LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) Firmware X210CMR10f_00_0510.kdz

As requested by an LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) user, We here share with you the latest firmware for the CRICKET LG Risio 3 smartphone.

Download LG Risio 3 X210CMR Firmware 





Software Version:X210CMR10F_0

OS Version:NMR2

File Name:X210CMR10f_00_0510.kdz

KDZ File size:1921509129

This is the latest firmware build X210CMR10f for the LG Risio 3. The Firmware Update is software version X210CMR10f based on Android N.

The LG Risio 3 X210CMR is eligible to get the Android Oreo Update, But LG has not announced the Oreo Update plan for the device.

The phone supports Software Update through LG bridge, if you are having some software issues with your phone, You can use LG bridge’s Update error recovery feature to fix kinds of issues of your LG Risio 3.

The LG Risio 3 X210CMR (LMX210CMR) is a model variant of the LG Fortune 2 LMX210CM from AIO wireless. In fact, The The LG Risio 3 and the LG Fortune 2 are exactly the same device with a different brand name.