LG Harmony M257 Firmware – DUMP firmware with LG UP

LG Harmony M257 Firmware

Learn how to dump LG Harmony M257 firmware with LGUP and use Partition DL feature to flash the single system.img to restore LG Harmony M257 back to stock.

ALL LG devices from AT&T and Cricket Wireless support firmware Over The Air Software Update only, So You cannot download stock kdz firmware for phones with IMEI.

No worry, We can use LGUP or Z3X box to dump the stock firmware from a working LG Harmony M257 phone.

In this post, we will share with you the guide on how to dump Cricket LG Harmony M257 software (ALL partitions) with LG UP TOOL.

How to dump firmware for LG Harmony M257 with LGUp

1) Install LG USB drivers
2)Install LG UP 1.14 Original
 Unzip LGUP.rar, and copy all files into the folder where you installed the LGUP.
In my case,  I copied all the files extracted from LGUP.tar to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP
and overwrite the existing files & folders.
Now you have everything ready, put your phone to download mode and then run the LGUP.
On LG main screen, Select  ‘DUMP”, Click start, From the popup Partition List,  Select the System Partition only
Or You can Click Select all and then scroll down to uncheck the user’s partition.
Click ok to start the DUMP process.

How to restore/unbrick your Cricket LG Harmony (M257).

After the DUMP process, You will have a file named system_com3 (In my case, com3 is the port number used by LGUP)
Please rename system_com3 to system.img.
Now, Run the LGUP, Select “Partition DL”,  click BIN File or the three dots to select the system.img you dumped from a working LG M257 phone.
Click Start to flash the system.img onto your phone.
After reboot, You will have your LG M257 phone back to stock.
* This method was tested on LG G3 D858, and it works fine. 

If you experience any issues during the DUMP process, please let us know at [email protected]