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Cricket LG G Stylo H634 Stock Firmware – How to unbrick / Restore Back to Stock

How to unbrick Cricket LG G Stylo H634, How to restore LG G Stylo H634 back to Stock;

Download Cricket LG G Stylo H634 Stock Firmware:


Downlod URL:

The zip file includes the DLL File for LG Flash TOOL and LG H634 Stock TOT Firmware.

error code 0x2000 with LG UP? Yo need to use LG Flash Tool 1.8 to flash this H634 V10g firmware.

How to unbrick / Restore LG G Stylo H634 back to Stock

Download: LG Flash tool 1.8!xwokFToa!vqe2Uqta25TLRXne6Yu342-uWMdLSE5hNiVu-cPqxBY

Download: megalock.dll

Install the LG FLASH tool and Copy the above megalock.dll into c:\lg\lgflashtool\

run LG Flash tool

Follow this guide to flash tot file with LG Flash Tool 1.8.