Could LG’s webOS-based smart watch be called LG W watch?

LG recently revealed its webOS-based smart watch at CES 2015. According to The Wall Street Journal, the upcoming smart watch is set to debut by early 2016.

The name of this webOS-based smart watch remains a bit of a mystery, according to an report. However, the upcoming wearable could be called LG W Watch. We discovered that LG recently filed a trademark application (in the US) for the LG W Watch name.


The prototype shows up at CES was collaboration with car maker Audi. It is model number is LG W120L. It is based on Qualcomm’s MSM8626 processor, aka Snapdragon 400, a chip used in many other smart watches.

To learn more about this LG webOS-based smart watch,please read androidcentral’s report here.