Comcast LG Stylo 4 Q710US firmware Q710US12A

LG Stylo 4 Q710US firmware Update, The latest firmware for LG Stylo 4 (aka Q710US/LMQ710US) for Xfinity Mobile (Comcast) is software version Q710US12A

The Software Update build Q710US12A was released on August 1st, 2019. It includes the July 2019 Android Security Patch.

If your phone’s current software version is not Q710US11B, Please go Apps -> Settings -> About Phone -> System Update.   Tap “Update now” to check for a new update.

The Stock KDZ firmware for Stylo 4 LM-Q710US, Q71012a_00_CCT_US_OP_0703.kdz, is now available for download from LG server, you can get it from below link.

Download Comcast LG Stylo 4 Q710US firmware Q710US12A


Bypass Google FRP on Comcast LG Stylo 4 Q710US?

Flashing the stockQ71012a_00_CCT_US_OP_0703.kdz with LGUP Does not allow you to bypass the Google FRP / Google Account Verification process.

A hard reset or master rest will solve various software issues on Comcast LG Stylo 4 Q710US? You need to backup personal data first before performing a hard reset.

LG bridge is the best tool to Upgrade your phone when you fail to receive the Update via FOTA.

LG bridge’s Update error recovery feature can fix soft brick issues caused by the Software Upgrade Process. But in some case, you will need LGUP to fix the boot loop issue.

When you try to root your LG Stylo 4 Q710US, You may brick your phone. If your phone stuck on LG logo during the startup process, you can restore your phone back to live by flashing theQ71012a_00_CCT_US_OP_0703.kdz  with LGUP tool.

Need to download the LGUP DLL for LG Stylo 4 LM-Q710US smartphone, please contact us at [email protected]