Firmware Update

Canadian LG G6 H873 Firmware Update – Android Pie

October 23,

LG G6 H873 gets Android Pie Update in Canada

Octomber 13,

LG G6 H873 could get Android 9 Pie Update by the end of October 2019

September 17

The Canadian Version LG G6 H873 and LG G6+ H873 could receive the Android 9.0 Update Very very Soon!


OTA Update from V20i to V30a

You can use LGUP’S FOTA Update feature to install the Pie Beta V30a.

But, we do suggest that you should wait the final release from LG offcial.

LG has finished the test for Android Pie firmware Build V30b for LG G6 H873.


September 12

The V30a firmware which could be the Android Pie final for G6 and G6+ is ready.

Model:LG G6+ LG-H873U
Android Oreo: LGH873UAT-V20i-CAN-XX-FEB-04-2019-ARB00+0
Android Pie:LGH873UAT-V30a-CAN-XX-SEP-10-2019-ARB00+0
Test Date:2019/9/10


Android Oreo: LGH873AT-V20i-CAN-XX-FEB-04-2019-ARB00+0
Android Pie:LGH873AT-V30a-CAN-XX-SEP-10-2019-ARB00+0
Test Date:2019/9/10

August 11, 2019

LG is still testing the Android Pie beta firmware (V28a) for the LG G6 H873 model.


The v29a firmware for LG G6 H873 was built on July 25, It is an OTA Update from V20i to V28a.

For your information, The final build pie firmware for LG G6 H873 should be V30a or V30b.  We might see the Pie arrives on our H873 two month later.


March 5, 2019

LG is rolling out a new security update for the LG G6 H873 launched in Canada.

The update is software version H87320i, It is a maintenance update based on Android Oreo 8.1 with the March security patches.


Model Buyer Suffix Buyer/Carrier Last Update Date
LGH873 AVC VIDEOTRON 03-05-2019
LGH873 RGS ROGERS 03-05-2019
LGH873U AVC VIDEOTRON 03-05-2019
LGH873 TLS TELUS 03-05-2019

LG is now rolling out official Android 8.0 Oreo for the Canadian LG G6 H873 smartphone.

The Oreo update for LG H873 Version V20c was released on May 14, 2018.

Model Buyer Suffix Buyer/Carrier Software Version Last Update Date
LGH873 AVC VIDEOTRON H87320C 2018/5/14
LGH873 TLS TELUS H87320C 2018/5/14
LGH873U AVC VIDEOTRON H87320C 2018/5/14
LGH873 RGS ROGERS H87320C 2018/5/14
LGH873 BLM BELL MOBILITY H87320C 2018/5/14

Some LG G6 H873 users have already received the Android 8.0 Oreo OTA update notifications. Please go to Settings > System updates > and check for any OTA update notifications to install the Android Oreo 8.0 Update.

The update comes with software version H87320c for the Canadian variant. It also features the March 2018 Android Security Patch!

The Android 8.0 Oreo Update for LG G6 H873 is also available now through LG’s desktop software- LG Bridge. If you fail to upgrade your LG G6 H873 through FOTA, You can download and install LG bridge first and then use LG bridge to upgrade the OS of your phone.

LG official also released the Android 8.0 Oreo KDZ firmware for the LG G6 H873, Now you can download it from below links.

IMEI: 3554690802*****
Model: LGH873
Suffix: ARGSOP
Region/Buyer: RGS
Version: H87320I_00
KDZ: H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz
Size: 3179571779
Download: H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz

Download from LG official server: /H87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz

Download from Google Drive Mirror: LG-G6-Android-Oreo-H87320c_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0424.kdz

Download from Baidu Cloud:  password: 6abw

You can easily upgrade your LG G6 H873 to Android 8.0 by flashing the above stock kdz firmware with LG UP. If you experience any issues with the Update, please contact us by email at