Brasil LG Q7 Plus Q610BA Firmware Update Q610BA10a

The LG Q7 PLUS Q610BA (LMQ610BA) sold in Brasil is getting a new software Update.

The Update is software version Q610BA10a based on Android 8.0 Oreo and the October 2018 Android Security Patch was included in this Update.

The update is currently rolling via OTA (Over The Air) and will soon hit your LG Q7 Plus Q610BA smartphone. You can also manually check the update by going

Settings ->General > About phone -> Update Center ->System update -> Check for update.

If you fail to check the Update via OTA, You can download an install LG Bridge. once LG bridge is installed, connect your phone to PC, run the LG Bridge to install the Update onto your phone.

LG official also released the LG Q7 Plus Q610BA Firmware and made it available for download from LG official Server.

Download LG Q7 Plus Q610BA Firmware Q610BA10a


Model: LMQ610BA

Suffix: ACLROP

Buyer: CLR

Software Version: Q610BA10A_03

OS Version: OMR1 Android Oreo 8.1

Security Patch Level: October 1, 2018

File Name:Q610BA10a_03_CLR_BR_DS_OP_1026.kdz

KDZ File size:2457565984

Can not download the kdz file with a browser?  PLEASE download and install the XDM download manager first, Once you installed the XDM download manager you can simply copy the above kdz firmware URL and start a new download job in XDM download manager.

Flashing the Q610BA10a_03_CLR_BR_DS_OP_1026.kdz onto your LG Q7 PLUS Q610BA (LMQ610BA) smartphone with LGUP can fix almost all software Issues.

You can also unbrick/restore LG Q7 PLUS Q610BA (LMQ610BA) smartphone back to stock by flashing the stock firmware with LGUP.

PLEASE notes that flashing the stock firmware does not allow you to bypass Google FRP.

if you are having some issues with the Q610BA10a firmware Update, please contact us at [email protected]