BOOST MOBILE LG730 Firmware Update “LG730ZV8”

The LG730 for Boost Mobile was released in 2012. The previous firmware update for Boost Mobile LG730 is “LG730ZV7”.

In recent, LG has released the “LG730ZV8” firmware update for BOOST MOBILE LG730.

BOOST MOBILE LG730 Owners can update their devices via LG Mobile Support Tools.

To update your LG730 with LG mobile Support Tool Software, Please follow below step by step instruction:

1) Download and Install the LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOl


2) Download and install the LG730 USB Drivers Ver. 3.8.1


3) Run the LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOl from Your computer.

4) Connect the computer to the LG730 via USB Cable

5) You will bnotified with the popup “New Software is Available”

6) Now, Follow the on screen instructions to upgrade your LG730 cell phone firmware.

Wish this helps.