Firmware Update

BoardDiag 2014 – Unbrick hard bricked LG G3, G3 Vista and many more LG devices

Is your phone stuck on Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode.?

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode means your phone is hard bricked, You can not enter into the download mode and recovery mode.

The BoardDiag 2014 tool Can unbrick LG G3, G3 Vista and many more LG devices that stuck on Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode. Check table below to find out all models that supported by Boarddiag 2014.

1 AS985 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
2 D150 QCT MSM8210 1G
3 D153 QCT MSM8210 1G
4 D157 QCT MSM8210 1G
5 D160 QCT MSM8210 1G
6 D165 QCT MSM8210 1G
7 D170 QCT MSM8210 1G
8 D175F QCT MSM8210 1G
9 D180 QCT MSM8210 1G
10 D280 QCT MSM8210 1G
11 D285 QCT MSM8210 1G
12 D315 QCT MSM8926 1G
13 D317 QCT MSM8926 1G
14 D320 QCT MSM8210 1G
15 D325 QCT MSM8210 1G
16 D329 QCT MSM8210 1G
17 D340 QCT MSM8210 1G
18 D370 QCT MSM8210 1G
19 D373 QCT MSM8210 1G
20 D375 QCT MSM8210 1G
21 D380 QCT MSM8210 1G
22 D385 QCT MSM8210 1G
23 D393 QCT MSM8926 1G
24 D395 QCT MSM8926 1G
25 D400 QCT MSM8226 1G
26 D405 QCT MSM8226 1G
27 D410 QCT MSM8226 1G
28 D415 QCT MSM8226 1G
29 D505 QCT MSM8930 1G
30 D610 QCT MSM8226 1G
31 D618 QCT MSM8226 1G
32 D620 QCT MSM8926 1G
33 D621 QCT MSM8926 1G
34 D622 QCT MSM8926 1G
35 D624 QCT MSM8926 1G
36 D631 QCT MSM8926 1.5G
37 D722 QCT MSM8926 1G
38 D723 QCT MSM8226 1G
39 D724 QCT MSM8226 1G
40 D802 QCT MSM8974 3G
41 D805 QCT MSM8974 3G
42 D806 QCT MSM8974 3G
43 D820 QCT MSM8974 3G
44 D821 QCT MSM8974 3G
45 D838 QCT MSM8974 3G
46 D850 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
47 D851 QCT MSM8974AC_TMUS 3G
48 D852 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
49 D855 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
50 D857 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
51 D858 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
52 D859 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
53 D950 QCT MSM8974 3G
54 D951 QCT MSM8974 3G
55 D955 QCT MSM8974 3G
56 D956 QCT MSM8974 3G
57 D958 QCT MSM8974 3G
58 E425 QCT MSM7225A 1G
59 E430 QCT MSM7225A 1G
60 E435 QCT MSM7225A 1G
61 E610 QCT MSM7225A 1G
62 E612 QCT MSM7225A 1G
63 E615 QCT MSM7225A 1G
64 E617 QCT MSM7225A 1G
65 E940 QCT APQ8064 2G
66 E960 QCT APQ8064 1G
67 E970 QCT APQ8064 1G
68 E971 QCT APQ8064 1G
69 E973 QCT APQ8064 1G
70 E974 QCT APQ8064 1G
71 E975 QCT APQ8064 1G
72 E976 QCT APQ8064 1G
73 E977 QCT APQ8064 1G
74 E980 QCT APQ8064 2G
75 E981 QCT APQ8064 2G
76 E985 QCT APQ8064 2G
77 E986 QCT APQ8064 2G
78 E987 QCT APQ8064 1G
79 E988 QCT APQ8064 2G
80 E989 QCT APQ8064 2G
81 F180K QCT APQ8064 1G
82 F180L QCT APQ8064 1G
83 F180S QCT APQ8064 1G
84 F220K QCT APQ8064 2G
85 F240K QCT APQ8064 2G
86 F240L QCT APQ8064 2G
87 F240S QCT APQ8064 2G
88 F300K QCT MSM8974 3G
89 F300L QCT MSM8974 3G
90 F300S QCT MSM8974 3G
91 F310L QCT APQ8064 2G
92 F320K QCT MSM8974 3G
93 F320L QCT MSM8974 3G
94 F320S QCT MSM8974 3G
95 F340K QCT MSM8974 3G
96 F340L QCT MSM8974 3G
97 F340S QCT MSM8974 3G
98 F350K QCT MSM8974 3G
99 F350L QCT MSM8974 3G
100 F350S QCT MSM8974 3G
101 F370K QCT MSM8926 1G
102 F370L QCT MSM8926 1G
103 F370S QCT MSM8926 1G
104 F390L QCT MSM8926 1G
105 F400K QCT MSM8974AC 3G
106 F400L QCT MSM8974AC 3G
107 F400S QCT MSM8974AC 3G
108 F410S QCT MSM8974 3G
109 F430L QCT MSM8926 1G
110 F460K QCT APQ8084 3G
111 F460L QCT APQ8084 3G
112 F460S QCT APQ8084 3G
113 F470K QCT MSM8926 1G
114 F470L QCT MSM8926 1G
115 F470S QCT MSM8926 1G
116 F480K QCT MSM8926 1G
117 F480L QCT MSM8926 1G
118 F480S QCT MSM8926 1G
119 F510L QCT MSM8994 2G
120 F520L QCT MSM8926 1G
121 FL40L QCT MSM8210 1G
122 L01E QCT APQ8064 1G
123 L01F QCT MSM8974 3G
124 L04E QCT APQ8064 2G
125 L05E QCT APQ8064 2G
126 L21 QCT APQ8064 1G
127 L22 QCT MSM8974 3G
128 L24 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
129 L31L QCT MSM8926 1G
130 L34C QCT MSM8610 1G
131 L41C QCT MSM8610 1G
132 LS620 QCT MSM8610 1G
133 LS970 QCT APQ8064 1G
134 LS980 QCT MSM8974 3G
135 LS990 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
136 LS995 QCT MSM8974 3G
137 MS395 QCT MSM8926 1G
138 P490K QCT MSM8926 1G
139 P490L QCT MSM8926 1G
140 P490S QCT MSM8926 1G
141 P700 QCT MSM7227A 1G
142 P705 QCT MSM7227A 1G
143 P708 QCT MSM7227A 1G
144 P710 QCT MSM8225 1G
145 P712 QCT MSM8225 1G
146 P713 QCT MSM8225 1G
147 P714 QCT MSM8225 1G
148 P715 QCT MSM8225 1G
149 P716 QCT MSM8225 1G
150 UK410 QCT MSM8926 1G
151 US990 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
152 V31 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
153 V400 QCT APQ8026 1G
154 V480 QCT APQ8026 1G
155 V490 QCT MSM8926 1G
156 V500 QCT APQ8064 2G
157 V700 QCT APQ8026 1G
158 VK410 QCT MSM8926 1G
159 VK700 QCT MSM8926 1G
160 VS415 QCT MSM8610 1G
161 VS450 QCT MSM8610 1G
162 VS880 QCT MSM8926 1.5G
163 VS940 QCT APQ8064 1G
164 VS960 QCT APQ8064 1G
165 VS980 QCT MSM8974 3G
166 VS985 QCT MSM8974AC 3G
167 W100 QCT APQ8026 1G
168 W110 QCT APQ8026 1G

It also supports following MTK devices

H422TV MT6582 Y70 na
H522F MT6752 C90 na
D690N MT6582 G3_Stylus na
H502TV MT6582 Y90 na
H326TV MT6582 Y50 na

Please notes that this is not a free software, You need to pay or donate to get the software., Contact for details.