Band 71 Phones 2020:LG L455DL Tracfone gets FCC Approval

Upcoming Tracfone Prepaid smartphones – LG L455DL has just received the FCC Approval.

LG K41, L455DL render
LG K41, L455DL render

Several days ago, a mid-range smartphone carrying the model number LG L555DL received the FCC Approval.

Today, another mid-range smartphone with the model name LG L455DL passed through the FCC certification process again.


According to the SAR test report (FCC ID: ZNFL455DL) submitted to the FCC, The Upcoming LG L455DL has the following model variants:

LG-L455DL,LGL455DL,L455DL  – Tracfone
LM-K400UM,LMK400UM,K400UM  – U.S  Cellular
LM-K400MM,LMK400MM,K400MM  – MetroPCS
LM-K400QM,LMK400QM,K400QM   – T-mobile?
LM-K400VPP,LMK400QM5,K400QM5 – ?
LM-K400QM5,LMK400QM6,K400QM6 – ?
LM-K400QM6,LMK400VPP,K400VPP – Verizon Wireless

The Upcoming LG L455DL supports the following 4G LTE bands:

LTE Band 71

LTE Band 12

LTE Band 13

LTE Band 26 (Cell)

LTE Band 5 (Cell)

LTE Band 66 (AWS)

LTE Band 4 (AWS)

LTE Band 25 (PCS)

LTE Band 2 (PCS)

LTE Band 41

It is quite possible that the LG L455DL is a variant of LG’s K series smartphone for 2020, namely the LG K41.