“background data restricted” notification

Some one said there is a “background data restricted” notification after the android 4.0 ICS firmware update!

“Restrict background data” is a good feature to stop some spps & services from working unless device is connected to a WI-FI network. Some apps sync in background may cause of extra data traffic when using a mobile carrier network.

You can enable or disable “Restrict background data” by:

From home screen->Press Menu button-> System Setting -> Data Usage -> Tap Menu > Restrict background data

If you have already check the “Restrict background data”, there are still “background data restricted” notification . You can dismiss this by:

From home screen->Menu Button -> System setting ->About device->Software Update-> Check Wi-fi Only, and then Uncheck Wi-fi only, uncheck wi-fi only will dismiss the “background data restricted” notification.

You can also “touch to remove restriction” from the notification ongoing panel. This works on some LG android devices. Please tell us if you can touch to disable this feature.

wish this helps!