Australia LG Q Stylus Q710GX Stock firmware Q710GX10C

The LG Q Stylus (aka LMQ710GX or Q710GX) sold in Australia recently received a new software Update which brings the latest Android Security Patch.

The Update is software version Australia Q710GX10C, and The Android Security Patch Level is September 2018.

LG official also released the stock firmware for the Australia LG Q Stylus Q710GX, Now you can download it from below links.


Model: LMQ710GX

Country: Australia

Suffix: AAUSOP

Buyer: AUS

Software Version: Q710GX10C_00

OS Version: OMR1 – Android 8.1 Oreo

File Name: Q710GX10c_00_0911.kdz

KDZ File size: 2195734568

PLEASE USE XDM download manager to download the Q710GX10c_00_0911.kdz from above URL if you can not download it with a brower.

The Q710GX10c_00_0911.kdz is used for LMQ710GX (AUS) only, if you need firmware for other LG Q Stylus models, please contact us at

LG official will remove the Q710GX10c_00_0911.kdz from its server when LG release a newer software Update, Please contact us at report broken links.