Download LG UP DLL

LG V10 H900 DLL for LGUP

As request by several AT&T LG V10 H900 owners, we here share with you the LGUP DLL for AT&T LG V10 H900.

The LGUP DLL for LG V10 allows LGUP to detect the model number and current software version of your phone.

After installing this LGUP_H900.MSI – LG H900 DLL installer, You will see the LGUP_COMMON.DLL in C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\common folder.

To fix the unknown model number issues of LGUP, you need to install this LGUP DLL for LG V10.

Remember to boot your phone into download mode first, Connect your phone to PC and then run the LGUP.

Download LGUP DLL for LG V10 H900


The DLL works also for other LG V10 Model variants.

Tp unbrick/restore ATT LG V10 H900 back to stock,  You also install latest LG USB drivers, LG UP software.

AT&T LG V10 Stock kdz firmware is available for download from LG official website, please visit to download the stock firmware for your LG V10 H900.

The latest firmware for your LG V10 H900 was released in November 2016. Looks like LG will not offer any security update for this device anymore.