ATT LG-P870 LG Escape Firmware Update “P87010i”

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Here is the latest stock ROM for ATT LG-P870 LG Escape revision “P87020d”.


The firmware update “P87010i” for ATT LG-P870 LG Escape is available now.

The latest firmware for ATT LG-P870 LG Escape is “P87010i” as of 12/21/2012.

How to upgrade my ATT LG-P870 LG Escape to the latest firmware?

You can use use the LG Mobile Support tool to install the firmware update.

Want to Download and flash the official firmware for your ATT LG-P870 LG Escape? Here you are:


This is the latest “P87010i” firmware for ATT LG-P870 LG Escape

P87010f_00 firmare P87010f_00.kdz

This is the P87010f_00 firmare for those who may need it.

What is .KDZ file?

KDZ is the LG format for ROMs for the phone to run the hardware and features.

Need to download the LG USB Drivers for your LG P870. Here you are the latest LG USB Drivers for mobile phones Ver. 3.8.1


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