AT&T LG G PAD X 8.0 V520 Stock firmware Android Nougat

Here is the Android Nougat Firmware for AT&T LG G PAD X 8.0 V520 (aka LG-V520).


The software version of this firmware is V20f, and the Qfuse (Anti-rollback) version is 00.

If your LG G PAD X 8.0 V520 is still with the Android M 6.0 Software Ware, You can upgrade it to Android Nougat by flashing the LGV520AT-00-V20f-ATT-US-DEC-21-2016-ARB00.kdz with LGUP tool.

The Stock firmware LGV520AT-00-V20f-ATT-US-DEC-21-2016-ARB00.kdz can also be used to unbrick/restore your LG G PAD X 8.0 V520 back to stock.

To unbrick AT&T LG G PAD X 8.0 V520 tablet:

LGUP DLL for LG V520
LGUP Software
LG USB Drivers


You need to install LG USB Drivers, LG UP Software and LGUP DLL for LG V520.  and then download the LGV520AT-00-V20f-ATT-US-DEC-21-2016-ARB00.kdz

How to Flash kdz stock firmware with LGUP, Please check this guide.