AT & T’s alleged LG G3 (LG D850) revealed in UA profile

An UA Profile for alleged LG G3 (Model LG D850) was spotted on LG Official website.

LG D850 is supposed to be one of the many variants of the yet to be announced LG G3. More exactly, it’s said that this is a model made for AT & T.


The UA Profile for LG D850 does appear to confirm that it will be a flagship device. According to LG D850’s UA Profile entries, The device will come with a WQHD (2560×1440) display. It also shows that it will support LTE, HSPA, EDGE and GPRS connectivity.

There’s no evidence to show that the D850 is the LG G3, but a device with 2560×1440 display is definitely LG’s flagship smart phone for 2014.

LG could launch the LG G3 as early as May according to more recent rumours.

Source: LG D850 UA Profile