AT & T LG Phoenix 2 K371 Spotted At The FCC And Bluetooth SIG

[Update] The LG K371 will be released by AT & T as as LG Phoenix 2.

A new LG handset carrying model number K371 was spotted on the FCC with Support for AT & T LTE Bands 29, as well as the Bluetooth SIG.

Today, A LG handset with the model LG K371 was listed on Bluetooth SIG website, together with LG-US375, LG-AS375 under same name “LG-Q0910MV”. The three handsets are exactly same device with same hardware designed for different carriers.


The LG K371 could be the LG k8 for AT & T, while the LG U.S. 375 is coming to U.S. Cellular. The LG K371 model spotted at the Bluetooth SIG has also been seen In FCC Filing. According to FCC document, the LG K371 measures 144.6 mm x 71.5 mm, and its Display Diagonal is 127.19 mm.

The LG K371 model comes with support for AT & T Bands B2, B4, B5, B12 and B29, According to the device’s SAR test report.



So far, there are no words from AT & T official on the release date and pricing of the device;