AT & T LG Optimus G User Manual / Guide

This is the official AT & T LG Optimus G User manual / Guide provided from the manufacture. Please Note that this user manual is used for AT & T AT & T LG Optimus G (Model: LG E970) Only.

If you purchased and got a AT & T LG Optimus G (LG E970) in hand you need this user manual for your device to help you navigate its features and getting to know it with a full access. This user manual is your guide to how properly handle you AT & T LG Optimus G (LG E970), Google Account Setup, customize home screens, navigating messages, SMS, calling, email, browsing,LG On-Screen Phone 3.0 etc..

This also includes safety tips and troubleshooting instructions.

Here’s the AT & T LG Optimus G User manual from LG Mobile USA Official website:

Download LG-E970_ATT_UG_EN_Web_V1.0_121024.pdf

AT & T LG Optimus G User Manual / Guide Table contents:

1) Important Notice
2) Your Phone (device & button layouts)
3) Getting Started
4) Your Home screen
5) Google Account Setup
6) Calls
7) Contacts
8) Messaging/Email
9) Social Networking
11)Video Camera
13)Google Applications
15)The web
17)LG On-Screen Phone 3.0
18)Software Update
and etc