Alleged LG G3 (LG KS1301) Spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing

A new device from LG featuring model number “LG KS1301” has just been spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing.

According to the Bluetooth SIG Filing, the Upcoming LG KS1301 is a CDMA Mobile Phone features Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The LG KS1301 appears to be made for Japanese carrier KDDI. We’re assuming this because most of LG’s recent handsets released by the KDDI have similar model numbers: LGL23/KS1201 (G Flex) and etc.

Based on the model number, the LG KS1301 handset could be “LG G3”, the successor to the LG G2 or G Flex (introduced by KDDI last year).

So is it LG G3? what do you think?

By the way, LG’S F350L/F350K/F350S model for South Korea Home market, the successor to the LG G2, have been spotted online at LG Offical website.