AIO Wireless Cricket LG L70 LG-D321 user manual / Guide

This is the offical Cricket LG L70 LG-D321 user manual provided from the manufacture.

U.S. Carrier Cricket Wireless will release the LG D321 model as LG L70 soon. LG offcial has published the LG L70 LG-D321 user manual and made it ready for download. Those who are interested in this LG L70 (LG-D321) can download the pdf copy of the device’s owners manual from below links.

Download LG L70 LG-D321 User Manual

pdficon_largeLanguage: English
Download: LG-D321_AIO_UG_EN_Web_V1.0_140515.pdf

pdficon_largeLanguage: Spanish
Download: LG-D321_AIO_UG_ES_Web_V1.0_140515.pdf

The LG L70 LG-D321 is available now throught Cricket Wireless Stores

If there is anything that you need help with the LG L70, please feel free to ask in the comments below.