Unannounced LG-D315 handset spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filling, headed to Europe in Q1 2014

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A new unannounced device manufacture by LG, namely the LG D315, has been spotted online in Bluetooth SIG Filling.

According to Bluetooth SIG filling, the upcoming LG D315 is a LG 4G Mobile Phone features bluetooth 4.0 technology and supports HID over GATT Profile (HOGP 1.0,Profile supported over LE,and Report Host)

The LG D315 was spotted on LG Official website too. As you can see from the below image, the buyer entry reads “NEU”- which means that LG will release the LG D315 device in Europe.


Maybe the LG D315 will be available in Q1 2014. There are no words or leaks on availability and pricing information yet.

So stay tuned for more information.

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