LG US375 for U.S. Cellular passes through FCC

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A new LG device carrying model number LG-US375 was spotted in FCC Filling with the support for LTE bands B2, B4, B5, B12, B17 and B25.


According to LG US375 FCC Filling, The device’s dimension is (Length x Width): 144.6 mm x 71.5mm and its Display Diagonal is 127.19mm. It means that the LG US375 will have a 5 inch display.


The LG US375 will also come with a 3.8V-8.1Wh 2140mAh battery, based on the information from the device’s SAR test report.

As usual, the listing on FCC’s official website doesn’t really provide too many new details regarding the upcoming LG US375

It should be one of the LG’S new “k” SERIES Smart phones which should be available soon from for U.S. Cellular

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