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LG L86C is the official model number of the TracFone LG Optimus Showtime.

The LG Optimus Showtime (AKA LG L86C) has been released by TracFone for a while. The devices features Android 4.0 ICS operating system, 3G/Wi-Fi Connectivity,5 M Camera/Video Recorder and etc.

Here you are the LG L86C (LG Optimus Showtime) User Manual for those who are interested in this device.

Download LG L86C User Guide from LG

Download LG L86C User Manual from Tracfone

If you have purchased the LG L86C (LG Optimus Showtime) and got it in hand, you can also check the online interactive instruction manual from tracfone website.

LG Optimus Showtime Picture:

  • Lori Waller

    I really wish that you would include a picture of the back of the LG Optimus Showtime.

  • Duke Geraghty

    Why is the z and the y tabs on the key board reversed